Thursday, October 25, 2007

Airbus A380 crosswind landing test

Video of an Airbus A380 crosswind landing certification tests in Keflavik with 40 to 50 knot crosswinds. Technique is to fly crabbed down to flare height then "kick" the rudder to align the nose. Some crab at touchdown is acceptable and will be cancelled as the main gear also align the bird with the runway. Sounds easy dosn't it? Notice the flight control laws only allow the lower rudder until the aircraft is on the ground, then both upper and lower rudders are controlled by the autopilot during AutoLand operations or by the rudder pedals. This logic helps prevent unwanted roll from the upper rudder due to its placement being so far away from the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. The video is from an Icelandic TV station.

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